Thursday, May 21, 2015

Photo Shoots and Why I Will Never Be A Model

Well, last week Dana and I went out to my cousins' farm to take engagement photos. It was an interesting experience, reminding me why I dislike being in front of the camera. However, my cousins came out and helped us get ideas for poses and perspectives. To my delight, many of the pictures actually turned out pretty well, considering we were all complete amateurs. Lynnae (who is here for the month to help with organization) did a wonderful job taking the pictures.


And now you know what I look like, too! And what Dana looks like. (Ain't he handsome?) Several of the pictures ended up looking like Chevy ads because Cousin Jon insisted we take some of the pictures using the truck, seeing as we were on a farm and all. Since Dana works out there (and also loves their red Silverado), it didn't seem completely out of place, even though I'm not exactly a farm person.
I also wanted to mention, I now have yet another blog, which I will likely be posting most of my real life/author stuff on, keeping Barefoot Bladeweaver free for IG and FtGG and Lore.... etc. Anyway. It's called, if any of you are interested.
Dia duit,

Friday, May 15, 2015

Updates from the Long Lost Penny

Goodness. It's been quite forever since I've posted.

Well, I do have two things that are of interest.

First of all, I got engaged (woohoo!). If you hadn't guessed, it's to Dana. Guess that's what comes of writing a story together. Heh. I'm very happy and can't wait for the wedding and the wonderful adventure marriage will be.

Second, I've recently gotten into dice RPGs. Percy, Seph, and I checked out the D&D handbooks from the library and have been transferring all the relevant knowledge to apply to the Lore world. Unlike the IGs we have done, Taverns & Wolves (that's what we named it) is something that I could share on my blog so others could play it with their friends. Still thinking about it, and I don't expect to get much done, considering I have a wedding in five and a half weeks and we are all scrambling about to get all the planning done. However, I'm excited about Taverns & Wolves and wanted to share that.

Slowly but surely I'm figuring out stats and dice and characters and campaigns and all that RPG jargon that we had to demystify on our own, as no one around us plays this sort of thing. Nor am I interested in getting to know any old body who likes D&D. Since D&D itself is permeated with magic and horrible monsters. Not something I want to carry over into Lore.

Right now I'm developing a campaign centering around a djinni child. So far our games are loads of fun, and highly amusing, since we're all still learning, and the characters currently involved in the campaign make a rather dysfunctional team. Takes a bit of creativity to try and keep the little band together.

Anyway, I am short on time and must away. I hope all y'all out there are doing well!

Dia duit,