Monday, July 20, 2015

Legacy of Kings -- A Taverns & Wolves Campaign

Zasheida's fourth stone missed just as an arrow whizzed past her from behind and embedded with a dull thump right between the minotaur's shoulder blades. The giant creature's howl reverberated off the labyrinth walls, muting the leprechaun archer's cry of victory. Zasheida glanced back at Spark, who was already pulling another arrow out of her quiver and maneuvering for a better position.
  Abandoning its fallen prey, the minotaur snapped the arrow, whirled on the small band, and charged. Zasheida dodged out of the way even though she wasn't directly in its path. Another stone would never work, but she slipped one into her sling anyway.
  It was going straight for Servius. The stolid paladin, instead of dodging as she had, planted himself and raised his shield, his gladius glinting dully in the low light. With a roar, the minotaur slammed its huge, leathery fists blindly into Servius' shield. The force knocked it to the side, and his other fist collided with his layered metal breastplate. But Servius only stumbled a few paces, and while the dread beast was off balance, he gave a ringing shout and drove his gladius into the minotaur's midsection at such an angle as to pierce the monster's heart.
  This time the minotaur's cry came out strangled, and as Servius yanked his blade free, it crumpled to the labyrinth floor.
  The chamber fell silent save for the heavy breathing of the four questers.

  Four friends thrown together by a previous adventure embark on another quest together that may prove to be their most perilous yet. The cyclops monster slayer, Bartholomew (One Eyed Bart, to his friends); Spark, a peculiar leprechaun treasure hunter; Servius Metalus, a devout paladin loyal to the House of Sol; and a secretive Avatar from the Middle Realms, Zasheida Khalid, all answer the call of a scholarly avatar charged with the task of locating the palace of King Midas. A lost Olympian artifact must be recovered before the Olympians themselves attempt to claim it. This artifact is none other than the shield of Perseus, hidden in the palace by the Nimue Athena.
  The quest itself is surrounded by legends of perils. Gorgons, the minotaur, a palace filled with gold and booby traps, and, of course, the threat of the Olympians discovering their intentions and seeking to stop them at all costs.
Thus is the Legacy of Kings, a Taverns & Wolves campaign being run by my sister Rosie. Seph, Pippin, Dana, and I are the players, while she runs the rest of the game, including the two NPC guides in the game. So far none of us have died, but it's come close.
But of course, there's still time for that to happen.
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Firefly Kisses

We used to sit outside and watch the fireflies. Now...

We got the official wedding pictures today, and I had to share.

If you want to see more, head over to my tumblr. I got a little carried away and starting posting a whole bunch of them.

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