Secret Portals

Think of website links like doors. They're closed, and you can see the sturdy wood, the black ornate hinges, and the decorative handle just above a keyhole, through which a faint light glows from the other side. There is a plaque on the door that indicates some of what lies behind each door, but the only way to truly find to open them.

My Portals
These doors lead to other sectors that fall under my rule and jurisdiction.
The PenKnights -- The website for our little group.
My Pinterest -- My online pinboard of......stuff.

Portals to Other Realms
I have discovered gateways to other glorious realms, ones created by hands other than my own, with fingerprints unique.
Writing & Wanderlust -- Ani's blog.
Sword of Ink -- Reflections on life and writing. Not very active, but read the old posts.
Nairam of Sherwood -- A blog by a good friend of mine who writes historical fiction.
The Author's Lair -- This is a story blog run by a friend and her friend. They post stories every Thursday!
One Year Novel -- This is the website (and forum) to the writing curriculum, The One Year Adventure Novel, by Daniel Schwabauer.
Quill In Her Quiver -- The blog by two of my loyal followers.