Monday, June 29, 2015


It's official. Dana and I are married now. Robert, who was Best Man, took one of his signature selfies with Dana and I and my sister Rosie, the Maid of Honor. The whole day was serenely beautiful, filled with celebration, laughter, and cake that was so sinfully delicious I can't believe it was allowed into the church.

Dia duit,

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Taverns & Wolves -- Thoughts and Ramblings

So Momma mentioned the other day that I should consider developing and marketing Taverns & Wolves.

Now my mind is slowly working on how to get it developed and start writing things down. It'll be somewhat difficult because I've been relying on Percy and Seph to help me with the numbers -- the stats and proficiencies and ability scores..... But Percy is leaving for the Air Force Academy on the 25th (the last time I'll see him for a while will be at my wedding), and Seph is headed to IIT in August.

Also, I need guinea pigs. So I'm trying to figure out how to do Taverns & Wolves both in real life, as well as over Skype. The benefit of doing things over Skype is that I'm not limited to people who only live around me. Since Dana and I will be moving in August, and I have no idea what kinds of folks are going to be around there that a) I would trust to play T&W and b) would actually want to.

So if any of you have an suggestions, I am very open to hearing them. Anything on how to continue development, or even just give opinions on things I may post in the future. Also, I have a private group on if any of you feel like helping out in a more interactive way.

More updates to come!

Dia duit,

Also, Dana and I have not forgotten about FtGG. We were actually just talking about it the other day, and have decided to work on it together after I get Alden's Story published. Which I have finished, by the way. Now I just need to edit it, and get the illustrations.