Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Introducing Wynter Croix

Wynnie dear. Isn't she lovely?
Now at long last I shall introduce you to Wynter Croix. Wynnie is a dear friend of mine I met on the OYAN forum, and is an effervescent young lass who kindly agreed to write the legend post for me a couple weeks ago.

As well she joins Dana and I in our love for Scotland. Though there have been a few minor disputes on Campbell's vs. MacDonalds, but I attempt to keep those to a minimum.

Wynnie is working on several novels ranging over various genres, including a historical fiction one set in Scotland that she and I are writing together. She also contributed greatly to Celtic Day at the Summer Workshop in Kansas, and has a lovely voice. I'm going to see if there is a way for us to record ourselves singing The Last Rose of Summer together. But as she lives in Wisconson and I live in Florida, this might be interesting to figure out.

Campbell clan tartan.
So, yeah. That's about it for this intro. I was going to tack this onto the Rahab post, but as you can see, I didn't. This Christmas she's going to get a new medieval costume, and I will wheedle her into taking some pictures of herself in it to post on my blog. I also have a new outfit on order, and Percy has some exciting new weapons. Sometime next week -- after I get this dratted short story of mine edited -- I will take some pictures of Percy's things. I haven't been able to get a tutorial out of him yet. He's been doing a lot of experimenting with varous weapons, so he when he's been at the forge, he was never sure if the project he was working on would be of any use by the time he was done. I'll get on him about tutorials for some of the ones that did, 'cause they're pretty epic.

Alrighty, time for me to head to bed. I should attempt to get to sleep earlier tonight, even though I'm not the least tired. But we all know what happens when I stay up late. Odd blog posts...

Dia duit,

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