Friday, December 28, 2012

The King Reigns.... And His son!

The Kingdom Series has been one of my absolute favorite fantasy series' since I was twelve years old. We recieved the first editions of the series one Christmas from our friends, and I read each book aloud to Percy and Seph for the next few months. Now, we have both the Kingdom Series, the Knights of Arrethtrae series, and all the audio books.

The author, Chuck Black, has gotten better at writing with each book, and while Arrethtrae may not be comparable to Middle Earth (I'm told not much is), I love it. Not because I'm cheap or have no taste -- which would be a cruel thing to say considering Mr. Black has worked so hard -- but because I fully appreciate the kind of stories he has written. Chuck Black has been an amazing inspiration to my own writing. My very first, and ongoing, role model as an author. If you haven't read the Kingdom Series or the Knights series, go read them.

Recently there was a video contest. Entrants were required to choose a scene from one of the Kingdom Series' books, and make it into a short film. Here I'm posting the first placer's entry because it's quite good. I was impressed. And that takes some doing.

Not only are these two fairly good actors -- something hard to find in ametuer short films of this sort -- but good cinematographers, as well.

If you have a short film you've made, put a link in the comments! I love watching the work of aspiring filmmakers or writers. Maybe someday I'll post some of the movies PenKnights Studios has made. We shall see.

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