Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine's Day Post

Often on Valentine's Day, I've found, many forget that there are other kinds of love besides romantic. In all my life I've never had a single romantic valentine. Never once, however, have I engaged in the "Singleness Awareness Day" concept. Love is not just romantic, and I have so very many wonderful, un-romantic relationships in my life that are far more worth celebrating, and indeed ought to be celebrated. So here I am going to take the time and space to wish a very happy day to all those who have touched my heart in their own, many different ways. I'm blessed to know you all.

Happy Valentine's Day to.... Dad, who has been my valentine every single year from the day I was born. I love you so much, Dad. Mother, who has always shared her V-Day chocolate with me. And that's no small sacrifice. Thanks, Mom.
.....Percy and Seph, seriously the awesomest (and most handsome) brothers any sister could ever ask for. Ever.
.....Rosie and Pippin. You two are the most adorable sisters in the world. <3 Grandparents, whose smiles brighten my days. Thank you for every hug, kiss, and cookie you're even now still giving me.
.....Ani, my wonderful best friend, who has put up with my craziness for her whole life, and still loves me anyway. You mean more to me than you'll ever imagine.
.....Wynni, my ENFP twin, who told me she knows I'll never leave her. Day = made. You are a bright sparkly jewel and I love you to bits.
.....taking an enormous risk here, I shall say to Dana, also, whose steady, insightful, and above all fully trustworthy friendship I value greatly.
.....the Orchard Family. You know who you are. *HUG*
.....all the friends I've made and lost over the years. I still think about you sometimes.
.....Trinity! Your enthusiastic interest in my blog has been encouraging and inspirational in its own little way. ^.^ writer friends -- R.G. Nairam, Katana Kain, Hannah Mills -- who have given me more blessings and encouragement than I could possibly count.
.....everyone at King's Avenue Baptist Church, Brandon, FL. <3

Dia duit,


  1. (I still thinks it's a case of you who still loves me despite everything, but anyways. >.>) <3 *hugs*

  2. *Me reading this post* "Awww, Valentines to her family..."
    *Scrolls down, sees own name and freezes*
    "AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! XD XD HannahHannahHannah!!!"
    (And a very Happy Valentines day to you too! :) )

  3. Lol "the Orchard family". Love it!

  4. Handshake, grin


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