Monday, February 3, 2014

Medieval Occupations -- Scoundrels and the Underclass

Here come the scallywags, ragamuffins, and troublemakers.

Bandit, mugger, or thug -- steals by force; often part of a gang of thieves
Burglar -- steals by breaking and entering
Fence -- buyer of stolen goods, may serve as a pawnbroker
Pickpocket or Cutpurse -- steals by stealth

My brother Seph likes the idea of a cutpurse. Normally pickpockets are the ones that are used the most in stories, so a cutpurse is an interesting twist. Necessities being a good sharp knife, a quick hand, and a stealthy getaway.

Procurer -- streetwise specialist in finding whatever the client might be looking for
Smuggler -- moves stolen or illegal goods
Wanderer -- a "barbarian" nomad, drifter, or rover

Only one more class to go, and then that's it.

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