Monday, November 10, 2014

My MiniMo

Okay, technically it should be called a MiniWriMo, but MiniMo is more fun to say.

Okay, so this is what it is. But shhhh! It's a secret! Dana and I brainstormed a somewhat humorous retelling of Sleeping Beauty several months ago, and since I have absolutely no time to write a full length novel, I thought hey! I can make this a short story! And since I got Dana absolutely nothing for his birthday (cut me some slack, he was at basic training) I thought it would be a neat surprise welcome home present.

The main character's name is Alden. He's the youngest of four brothers, in a time long after fairytales. All the damsels have been rescued, all the dragons slain.... Or so they thought. Alden discovers an unfinished story in one of his Great Grandfather's old books, and along with it, a map, hidden in the binding. Soon he's sent on an adventure right from the old stories he loved so much, but it's going to take real courage and strength to succeed against odds that are anything but fictional.

I have a vague idea as to what the plot and theme are. I also am writing the entire thing out in a notebook. By hand. Which is.... interesting. My handwriting is also interesting. Heh.

However, I am about halfway through, I believe. I work on it every night. Writing by hand is actually fairly relaxing. While I wish I had a fancy notebook and pen, all I'm using is an old, half filled red meade notebook, and a cheapo Papermate pen. Black. Actually, the papermates are amazing. They write so smoothly. I really like them. Of course, I bought, like, a ten pack of them, and I'm down to one. Keeping track of pens is inexplicably difficult for me. I panic every time I can't immediately locate the one I have, now, because I'm positive it's going to go missing and I'll be stuck using some other inferior pen to write with. That will make me quite grumpy. A Grumpy Dragon, as Rosie called me the other day when I had to get up too early in the morning.

I'll be cheering on you NoMos. Hee hee. That is a very fun word. Go on, say it. It'll make you happier. And then go back to writing because you should probably be writing instead of reading this blog post.

(What is the actual plural for the participants in NaNoWriMo? Wrimos? Wrimers? NaNos?)

Dia duit,

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