Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rosie's Library -- The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielson

Okay, here's my other little sister, Rosie Grymm. As I mentioned before, she is our librarian. She absolutely adores to read, watch, and listen to stories, so not surprisingly, she likes to read. A lot.

In spite of what she may seem like in the picture, she is in fact only thirteen. True to the picture, however, she is dead gorgeous.

My Dad's an expert in hand to hand combat and pistol shooting, by the way.

Just sayin'.

Anyway, Rosie recently read a book called The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielson, and loved it. It's then that I asked her if she'd write a book review on it so I could post it here on the blog. She's also compiling a book list that I'll release next month sometime.

Since this is her very first book report, I believe she did an excellent job, and I applaud her for jumping right into it without hesitation when I asked her if she'd write it. Thank you, Rosie! You're awesome. ^.^

The title of the book is 'The False Prince'. It is the first book in the Ascendance trilogy.
The author of this book is Jennifer A. Nielsen, who also wrote 'The underworld Chronicles', which I have not read.

The main five Characters are; Sage, Conner Tobias, Roden, Imogen. 

A synopsis: Sage is a fifteen year old orphan living on whatever he can grab off the streets in this medieval fantasy. One day a nobleman named Conner, comes and buys him. Later he finds out that he is meant to compete against two other boys to be chosen as part of Conner's plan or be gotten rid of. The entire country is about to start a civil war. Trying to stay alive and learning more of Connors dishonest plans, Sage has a choice between runnings or finding out what Conner is up to.

That is the brief summary of the book. On a score of one to ten I would give it a nine. the things that I liked about the book was one; there was no magic, and the characters were really well done. You could never tell who was on which side. the ending was very surprising, and I love surprises, especially in books. ^.^ I can't really think of anything I didn't like about the book off the top of my head. It was extremely well written.

To end this, here is my favorite part from the book.
Tobias raised his hand. A sign he'd been educated. At the orphanage I came from, a person only raised a hand if he was about to hit someone with it. ~Sage  

Hope you like it!

~Rosie Grymm

[Buy False Prince here.]

So there you have it. I haven't read the book yet, myself, but Rosie's gotten Percy, Seph, and Pippin (another sister. Yes.... I have a lot of siblings.) to read it and they all insist I read it, too. And being such an obdedient, kind hearted, benevolent big sister, I plan to aquiesce to their wishes. I'm actually quite intrigued...

Dia duit,

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