Monday, June 4, 2012

The Things That Happen at Two AM in the Morning

Sometimes time just slips by. Usually I'm either talking to a friend on skype, or am in a glum mood. Tonight it was both.

So here I am, saying hello to two 'o' clock AM. Hello, 2 AM! *mad waving*

Now that we have the formalities out of the way....

Here's what I've been goofing off with:
I wish I had this outfit in real life....
A friend of mine called Katana Kain introduced me to Polyvore a while back, but I'd never really had time to goof around with it. Well, until now. Although technically I was going to write a couple blog posts, but I ended up feeling under the weather, so.... Yeah, lame excuse.


I'm on Polyvore. This does actually tie in to a post that I plan on doing later about putting outfits together. Obviously the Dragon Tamer Set I did up there is modern, but one can put together a medieval/fantasy looking outfit from bits a pieces from here and there without having to buy a specific costume. Thrift stores are the best when it comesto this sort of thing, and I can say for certain that thrift store prices beat tailored costume prices hands down.

But that's for some other time. Right now, I should probably go to bed and attempt to arise at a semi-decent hour tomor.... er, today.


Dia duit,

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