Thursday, March 21, 2013


So I've been sick. That's my excuse, yeah. This weekend was spent lying in bed doing little more than watching instant movies on Netflix and reading over old Skype histories. Nothing interesting or blog worthy. I was informed the other  by my cousin, and again today by one of Dana's younger brothers, that I haven't posted anything in a while.

So I'm posting this. I have no idea what I'm going to put here. Maybe I'll find a song.

It's not Christmas, but come on, the song is Scottish, and it has the tune to Loch Lomond in it. She's a good violinist, too.

Avengers. Quite the family classic in our house. I believe my father -- who read all the comics when he was growing up -- has seen it at least one hundred times. At least.

And now I will find a picture.


If you check my Pinterest boards with any regularity, you'll have already seen these pictures. If you don't, then I'll explain. I made those two pairs of earrings and the necklace last month using leftover beads in my beading basket. I'm quite pleased with the way they turned out. Which is good, because the purple pair of earrings were an absolute pain to try and connive together. I'm one of those people who wings her way through two thirds of any project, beading included. Did I look up how to make what I wanted to make? Of course not. I came up with my own, ridiculously tedious method, and used that for both earrings because I'm too stubborn to find a better way.

They look cute, though. I wore the purple set today with a green sweater. My silly nail polish is chipping, but the rest of me looked nice, at least.

Now something written...

The first thing that registered when my thoughts awoke was the dull ache in my muscles from having lain in the same position for so long. I winced, pushing myself up and opening my eyes. The lucid awareness of my mind surprised me.
  How long have I slept?
  It had to have been some time in order for me to feel so rested. And Dana had not woken me. He must have fallen asleep somewhere, as well. Crawling between the deftly twisted branches that hid me in my little den, I hoped he’d found somewhere out of sight in case someone showed up and—
  I lifted my gaze, and froze.
  Someone had showed up. A lot of someones.

That's your sneak peak for the next part of FtGG. Hopefully it'll get done at some point, though lately I've been focusing on the final edit for a short story of mine that I plan to publish. So y'all will just have to bear with me while I unskillfully juggle life and writing.

Well, hopefully this blog post will suffice for the time being. I have a few others in mind that I'll try to get out soon, too. Until then, if you get bored, go read a book. Rosie has a booklist on here somewhere, so search it, and get to it. I'll have her come up with another one soon. She's been doing a lot of reading lately.


Dia duit,

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