Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More Excuses

For the past week or so, my Dad has been leading the charge in getting our house here (finally) fixed up. As in, all the painting, shelf adding, and furniture arranging (not to mention box emptying) have been the main activities for each day besides school, for the ones that still do school. Needless to say, my writing has suffered, including writing on my blog.

But I decided to post a few pictures here of my room! I'm so excited about my room. Since I've been a military brat my entire life, I've moved every two years with my family. This left little time to do anything permanent to the bedrooms I've had, and on top of that, we usually lived in rentals offbase rather than base housing on base. Even still, the on base housing department didn't like having a million things done to their houses, either.

Now that we own a house, I have the chance to make over my room just the way I want it. It's quite a project, but it's fun, and the results are proving quite satisfactory.

First, we painted. That involved me dragging everything out of my room and piling into the hallway so we could get at the walls. Even though my favorite color is pink, I'm not really the pink room type. So I chose on of my second favorite colors: blue.

Me Doing the edging with Mum.

The paint color: Hawaiian Sky.

Percy doing the roller.
It took us two days to do the painting. One day to do three of the walls, then we ran out of paint, so the next day Dad ran out and got more so we could finish the last wall.

After it dried, Dad put up the special headboard for my bed. Mom and Dad actually purchased this bed from Ikea while we were still in Florida. They bought it for my room, but used it until we moved back up here, since they left their big Amish wood bed here for the two years.

Now I have it back and Dad has put it all together. They got this bed because of the headboard, actually; it is large and slatted so that little shelves can be fitted into it, and I can load it with all my bajillion knickknacks and collectable dolls.

There's a semi-good picture of it, just to give you the idea. I have some of my knickknacks on it right now, and I staggered the shelving more evenly, now.

So far the list for finishing my room looks like this:
  • Paint cherry blossom tree in left corner
  • Purchase curtains for windows
  • Paint closet
  • Turn closet into office space
  • Buy mirrors for over and beside dresser
  • Bounce on bed
Since I'll probably still be busy as we continue to whip not just my room, but the whole house, into a shape we like, I will try and take pictures to post here at intervals. Just so y'all don't think I've died or anything.

Dia duit,

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  1. Ooooh! Very nice! Blue's my favorite color, so I like it!


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