Monday, April 1, 2013

My Room -- The Closet

  • Paint cherry blossom tree in left corner
  • Purchase curtains for windows
  • Paint closet
  • Turn closet into office space
  • Buy mirrors for over and beside dresser
  • Bounce on bed
Two things done before the weekend last week! Painted my closet blue (all on my own. Thanks to my friends who video skyped me so I didn't die of boredom), and Percy and my Dad put in the desk and bookshelf. It's not fully finished, but it's pretty close. Percy and Seph still need to hang up my whiteboard, but they need special screws, or something like that.

But here is a picture, anyway.

I don't know if you'll notice or not, but there are actually two different shades of blue in there. The blue on the bottom was the color we were originally going to use for the entire closet. As I painted, however, I quickly discovered there wouldn't be nearly enough paint for the entire closet. Momma suggested that I paint the top fourth (third?) the same lighter blue I used for the rest of the room. The end result is quite fetching, in my opinion. It keeps the darker blue from being too glaring. I'm quite pleased with it.

So the things that still need to be done are fairly obvious. I need that bookshelf painted white, I need the whiteboard hung on the wall, and I need a more comfortable chair. Dad is also going to make a couple small corner shelves in the left hand corner so I can put some knickknacks on there.

And for those of you who might notice, that is my fedora on the upper shelf there. Anyone who was at the OYAN SW will remember the day when all the PenKnights wore their fedoras. It's the official PenKnights hat.

At the moment, my room needs a good clean up. I unpacked my doll collection -- which ended up being much larger than I remembered -- so I also need to figure out where to put those. I don't think they'll all fit on my headboard shelves; I might need to put some of the bigger ones on the top shelf in my closet, and whatever leftover ones I have will have to be re-packed and put in the basement.

So that was my week.

Happy Easter!


  1. I love the color it is sooooooo pretty

  2. I love the idea! So cool. :D
    BTW- are you still going to hang your clothes in there?

    1. Yes, actually. I have the few dresses and skirts I own that actually need to be hung up in the far right corner there.


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