Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Morganna's Lullaby

Morganna Le Faye. First daughter of the Pendragon, former apprentice to Merlin the Alchemist, Lady of Ravenwood Manor. The world is hers; whatever she desires she takes. Is that not the true path to happiness?

"Be faithful, and they will abandon you; be kind, and they will use you; be generous, and they will rob you; love, and they will destroy you. Serve yourself, for no one else will." ~ Morganna Le Faye

As a master of deceit, she has ultimately deceived herself. Morganna lives in a broken world, a broken mind, and a broken heart, and it has driven her to embody the very things that shattered her in the first place. She has crossed the line, her actions are no longer justifiable by her past. The path she has taken was not taken under duress, it was taken by choice.

The only questions that remain are how many will she entice down that path along with her, and is she now too far from the light to ever return?

Dia duit,


  1. WOW! She seams to have problems

  2. I *love* it. Makes me really want to read more about her... (hint, hint)


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