Monday, August 27, 2012

Percy's Forge -- The Lance Blade

Technically, this is something that Dana came up with, but I'm putting everything weapons related under the Percy's Forge heading anyways so that things stay orginized.

The lance blade is actually a weapon created by Dana used by the Phinearans, a race of wolf shape shifters from Xystia.

  Elgon turned his attention to the peculiar swords occupying the rack beside him. “With only our knives and the crossbow, would it be permissible for each of us to carry one of these?”
  “Of course. I will provide you with the proper sheathes.” William drew the blade off his own back with a metallic ring.
  Elgon heard the quick sound of metal on leather as Andras flicked a knife into his palm in surprise at the Meerinoran’s action. Jheslin chuckled. Elgon forced his expression to remain the same.
  William showed them the weapon. “Six hands high on the hilt, and the blade slightly longer. The crossguard here is wide enough to block incoming blows. It is meant to wielded dual handed, as we strap our small shields to our arms.”
  Elgon nodded. “Understood.”
  He resheathed his weapon. “We depart in an hour. My Pack will assemble by the South Gate.”
[exerpt from The Land Between Time, Outlander Trilogy Book 1)

After Percy started making all his PVC swords, Dana came up with the dimensions for the lance blade. Both he and Percy made a lance blade while we were at the MacDonald house. Though I knew what they looked like in general -- I sorta had to, considering I included them in my book -- it was still quite impressive to see the weapon in 3D.

Since this is Dana's original weapon,
I convinced him to model with it for me
rather than having Percy do it.

Here are the measurements:

Blade -- 26"
Hilt -- 20"
Crossguard -- 2"
So that's the lance blade, an original Xystian weapon created by Dana MacDonald.
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