Thursday, August 16, 2012

Percy's Forge -- Sword Variant Dimensions

So, yeah, I've done an awful job keeping up with chronicling Percy's inventions. But at any rate, here are the dimensions for the sword variants that can be made using the tutorial I posted up here a while ago.

Blade - 39"
Hilt - 1'
Crossguard - 6" each

(large arming sword)
Blade - 32" or 33"
Hilt - 9"
Crossguard - 3" each

Straight Sword
Blade - 26"
Hilt - 5"
Crossguard - 3" each

Short Sword
Blade - 18"
Hilt - 5"
Crossguard - 3" each

(can be made the same way as a sword)
Blade - 1'
Handle - 5'
Crossguard 2" each

I'll have pictures of the spear in my next post, as well as pictures of some of Percy's latest weaponry inventions.

Dia duit,

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