Friday, August 3, 2012

Real Magic

/'majik/ (n.) When the wonder of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; the complex beauty that cannot be explained as of this world fully, but also of another.

To deny God's design in creation is to deny magic, and without magic, life is a dull and dissatisfying thing. Without magic, there is no wonder, no intrigue, no curiosity, no adventure. Without magic, what is life but a bothersome span of time between birth and death?
I wrote that in my notebook while we were on vacation. I'd gone down to the little patch of woods next to the MacDonald house and sat right in the middle of it, leaning back against the trunk of a large tree. It was early morning, and the sunlight shone through the treetops, softly lighting the colors of the trees, bushes, and dirt path not far from where I sat. I ran my fingers through the loose dirt beside an exposed root, and tilted my head to listen to the breeze rustling the leaves and the birdsongs filtering through the air. I've always loved forests for this reason. The calming yet inspiring atmosphere has magic. You can't explain that feeling by pinpointing the one thing that makes a forest so wonderful. It's everything together, and everything together makes it more than any one of those elements could be alone. Greater than the sum of its parts. Magic.

Ocular Athletes
(n.) People who have trained their eyes to see the wonder around us.
(definition given by Mark Wilson at the OYAN 2012 Summer Workshop.)

Have a little curiosity and look for the magic.

Dia duit,

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