Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blog Template Change

This is me stating the obvious: I changed the look of my blog.

My Mother said that the white text on the dark background got a little difficult to read, so I decided to whack out a new look just for her 'cause I love my Mommy and I want her to be able to read my blog. So the forest is gone, and the orange-y parchment theme is here. Hopefully y'all read this blog for the content, not the appearance.

Otherwise I'm doomed.

Dia duit,

It's likely I'll fiddle around with the blog's appearance a little as time goes by. Just fyi.


  1. The white text bothered my eyes too. :P So I approve of darker text.

    But content over appearance, always. :)

  2. Yeah, I remember you mentioning that about the appearance, as well. Partly why I was so willing to do the swap.


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