Tuesday, July 24, 2012

For The Greatest Good -- Introduction

The World
A diverse land where knowing what to expect is a short lived comfort rather than a reality. A place where fact and fantasy blend, familiar and imaginary dance amidst the horizons, and dreams and hardships walk the same path.

Main Characters
Two leaders in The Order, a band of warriors whose unorthodox methods and steadfast support of ancient moral virtues has sidelined them to characters of hopeful legends.

Penny Kearney
Visionary. Founder of The Order and though not direct commander in every scenario or field, largely responsible for keeping the knights unified both to each other, and to the core beliefs that drive their mission.
Age: 20 yrs.
Weapon: Runebinder, a lightweight broadsword with a blue topaz fitted in the pommel.
Armor: Light compliment of leather armor (breastplate, pauldrons, vambraces, shin guards)

Dana MacDonald
Loyalist. Strong field commander and willing helper to those in need, with integrity of character and steadfast faithfulness to The Order and its quest.
Age: 19 yrs.
Weapon: PathSeeker, modified claymore with a sapphire fitted into the pommel.
Armor: Light chain mail and leather vambraces and shin guards.

The Chronicles
As this story takes place from the perspective of both the characters shown above, some of the sections of text will be written in first person by either Dana or Penny. At the beginning of each section, the specific author will be declared, and the chronicle will continue from there from the point of view of that author. Also, as this adventure is being written in partnership and without prior knowledge of coming events, you will be experiencing the story in more or less the same fashion as its authors. There may be, therefore, some errors in its recounting. Pray forgive these discrepancies.

The Schedule
As time to write is pressing and sporadic amidst many other tasks, there will be no patterned timetable for the release of each section of this ongoing story, but be assured that an attempt to produce at least one body of text each month will be made. Likely there will be more, depending on the length of the account, but I will make no promises so that none may be disappointed in the event that this proves not to be the case.

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