Thursday, July 26, 2012


So, yeah. This was expected. I'm way swamped with writing, and the minor stress is eating at my creativity. Yet, I'm too stubborn to let go of all the projects yet. If it comes to that, so be it, but it hasn't yet. I just need to get a schedule figured out.

First change is going to be that I'm going to turn Thursday Legend Post into Saturday Legend Post. Friday Music will either be on Friday or combined with the Legend Post on Saturday.

FtGG will be the once a month sporadic thing. Hopefully y'all can handle major cliffhangers.

Anyway, just figured I'd say that. I don't have hardly any idea who actually reads this blog, but I do still feel kinda responsible for making sure things don't get boring. As soon as I get my notebook back, as well, I'll be posting the dimensions for some of the various new PVC swords Percy has made, including a rapier, and a Land Between Time weapon called a lance-blade, invented by Dana.

Until then, I must write hard.

Dia duit,

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