Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Inspiration from an Unlikely Source

But then again, when is inspiration from a likely source?

Just as a disclaimer, I am very much not a video game person. I don't own them, I don't play them, I rarely look into them. I'm a writer, I don't have time for video games.

However. There are several games that I know about vaguely that have always struck me as interesting. Both these games contain content I likely wouldn't be comfortable with even if I did play video games, but since this is my blog, you won't have to worry about that in regards to why I'm even writing this post in the first place.


-Sigh- It's late. Bear with me.

I found these two very awesome, video game themed videos on youtube that I wanted to share. The first one is Assassin's Creed meets Parkour. The bits and pieces I hear about Assassin's Creed intrigue me, story wise, but since I don't play video games, and have no intention of starting, I haven't actively sought to learn more. However, it does mean I don't turn away select things associated with it that I find interesting. Now, parkour, also known as free running, is probably one of the absolute coolest sports ever. So when I see both of them in one video? Um, I think yes.

This next video I actually have to give credit to Dana for finding. He sent it to me just a few minutes ago, and I loved it. Like Assassin's Creed, Skyrim is a video game that has my stand-offish admiration, though I'm fairly certain it has even more things I wouldn't like in it than Assassin's Creed does. But I like the (very) basic concept of it, and in spite of what it may really be, it did inspire this mini-story and soundtrack that, on its own, is pretty awesome.

Well, that's all I have for now. As you probably noticed, my words begin to get a little jumbled this late at night.
Yup. Time for bed.
Dia duit,

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