Thursday, September 6, 2012

Runt the Brave

Driven by its merciless leader, an army of rats has besieged Tira-Nor. The city’s last hope lies with a mouse so small and so young that even his family calls him “Runt.” But it is not just the rats who want JaRed son of ReDemec dead. A cold shadow stalks the war-darkened tunnels of the underground mouse city. A bodiless evil threatens to bring the myths of the Ancients suddenly to life.

Betrayed by a hatred as thick as blood, surrounded by enemies too terrifying to comprehend, JaRed is about to encounter a power beyond even that of the Great Owl ... a power that will fling him into a destiny wilder than anything he’s ever imagined!

This is honestly one of the best books I've ever read. Despite what it may seem as just another animal character story for younger readers, Runt the Brave is an inspiring tale for all ages. It's cast, though simple, and yes, they're all animals, is strong, and while younger readers will enjoy the fanciful land of Tiranor, older readers will tune into the depth of the message behind the story. The theme, 'right makes might', is well woven into the fabric of the tale of JaRed's adventure, and doesn't become preachy like many other Christian stories. The content is completely safe, the adventure rivetting, and the characters captivating.

Part of the reason I'm putting this up -- and not waiting for Rosie to write a review -- is because Mr. Schwabauer has just revealed to the OYAN community the desire to construct a Creative Arts Center in Olathe, Kansas. He's putting all proceeds from his books towards that center, and I figured I ought to give him a hand. If you enjoy reading this blog, the liklihood of you enjoying Runt the Brave is extremely high. Give it a try!

If you're an aspiring writer, I highly reccomend looking into the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum. OYAN not only saved my writing, it improved years before its time. I'm nineteen years old, and already looking to get some of my completed works published. It's only been three years since I started OYAN, and my writing advnaced further in that ammount of time than it had in the five years I had been writing prior to that. Even though I still have much to learn about the mastery of story weaving, I am where I am right now thanks to OYAN, it's founder, Mr. S, and the amazing community of writers this curriculum has brought together.

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