Thursday, September 20, 2012

Introducing Robert Carter

If you've read the About Me page (which, admittedly, is not only about me), you probably already have an inkling of who Robert Carter is. Younger brother of Dana, and excellent photographer. As well as photography, he also draws and plays around with digital art, including book covers and posters for our stories. When we made our movie over one of the three weeks of vacation we took up by them, he was in charge of the cinematography and directing. That's normally what I do, but his eye for angles is ten times better than mine, so we ended up with a far more interesting set of perspectives once all was said and done.

Of all of us, Bob is the most outgoing. He holds the rank of Ambassador in the PenKnights order, and performed it quite well during the OYAN Summer Workshops in Kansas.

I asked Robert the other day if he would make up some posters/covers for For The Greatest Good. It didn't take him more than a couple days to come up with these:

As per usual, he did an excellent job. And he also created this little ditty on photoshop, as well.

There, that's a nice, bright post for you! And now you know more about Robert Carter.
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