Thursday, October 10, 2013

October Drabble Challenge -- Day 10

I sort of cheated today. I asked Rosie to write day 10's drabble, and to my delight she agreed. So here it is!

     Gillian held her breath; trying to make the puffy vapors she exhaled cease. Her heart pounded in her chest. The ridged bark of a tree stuck into her back and she felt her cloak snag on a branch. Carefully she raised her hand pulling the hood of her scarlet cloak back. She peered around the trunk, searching for her pursuers. Nothing. The cubs wriggled inside the basket she held tipping it forward Tripp toppled out and landed face first in the snow.

  “Stop squirming.” Gillian scolded lightly. Stooping down she set the basket next to her and picking up Tripp she lead him in her lap. Rager and Mia wasted no time in scrambling out and begin sniffling around. She sighed, a pleasant feeling warming her inside as she watched the two wolf pups fumble about in the thick snow. She stroked the silver band that ran from Tripp’s nose back to his ears.

  “Now that we are safe I think it best to find your mother again.” She said. Mia raised her head and peered at the young girl, her bicolor eyes giving what appeared to be an understanding look. Rager paid no heed to her and continued to shuffle about.

  Gillian brushed a wisp of sandy colored hair behind her ear and glanced the way she had run. The forest was still as ever and a gentle fall of snow started to cover her tracks. Mia had ushered her two brothers back into the basket but she paused and looked up at Gillian and a sad expression on her long face.

  “It will be alright.” She reassured her running her fingers down the pups back. Mia dipped her head than entered in after her brothers. A shiver went through Gillian , something in her eyes made her nervous like Mia knew something. She shook the feel and pulled her hood up and picking up the basket she scurried through the thickening snow heading towards her house. She was bound to find the mother near there.  

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  1. Wow, how many of you are writers?

    1. Most of us are, actually. Percy and Seph both write, Rosie writes, Pippin writes, and so do I. We're a family of storytellers.


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