Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Drabble Challenge -- Final Conglomeration

  Gavin didn't like seeing Kiara mad. He remembered the times when he would see her laughing with her handmaidens in the garden, or frowning in concentration over a book in the library. People said she was plain, not at all like a princess should be, but he never understood why they said that. What was beauty meant to be if not Kiara?
  His conversation with Kristian lingered in the back of Gavin's mind. Though he refused to acknowledge the captain's predictions, he could see Kiara was upset. She had been since they moved to the Western castle a week ago. Their new home.
  So Gavin searched for a way to cheer her. He knew little of women; he'd never had any sisters, or known many of the village girls. Certainly not well enough to be familiar with their behaviour. But he missed Kiara's smile, even though she never smiled at him. Now she didn't smile at anything, and he wanted very much to change that.
  As he crouched on the edge of the fish pond in the garden, disturbing the surface with a thin reed, Gavin considered jewelry. Women liked jewelry, and he knew Kiara, being a princess, must have an appreciation for finery. Along with the castle, Gavin had also received a portion of the treasury. There were bound to be gems there. Diamonds, surely. He'd always liked the clarity of diamonds.
  Then he'd heard of some men writing letters. Something about those letters made their wives or fiancés quite pleased. What did one put inside them, though, that brought about that effect?
  He furrowed his brow, watching a bright purple fish slither away from its companion to strike out on its own toward the other end of the pond. Distracted, he tilted his head. How simple was the life of a fish. But then, how sad. They knew not of the things they missed, not being human.
  Hopping off the raised ledge surrounding the pond, Gavin paced down the path. Why settle for one when one can have both? A letter and a diamond. That's what he would send Kiara. And with it, he hoped, a smile.

  The letter took him only an hour to compose. The gem arrived a little bit afterwards, retrieved from the treasury by one of the servants. Though small, Gavin knew Kiara could have it set into whatever setting she wished, as that had not been done so already. Just a single diamond to do with as she pleased. Whatever made her happy.
  Giving the servant his thanks, he sent him away once again. And since he was at the desk already, he supposed he ought to look over the official documents laying there, waiting to be attended to. Though it all appeared to be in order to him, Old Dan, the head servant, kept insisting he give certain documents his attention. Something about winter, and future investments, and foreign relations, and barbarians. It would take some time for him to decipher the meaning of the flourishing language used by whoever drew up these papers to begin with. For a moment he decided it wasn't worth his time, but something twinged in the back of his mind.
  Carefully, Gavin lifted the first document, and began to read it line by line.

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