Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Drabble Challenge -- Day 3

She spent the days on the porch with her sewing, staring out at the sea and the shore. Neil would watch from the doorway as the sunset twinkled off her deep black eyes. The longing and beauty in her face both captivated and concerned him.
  She'd been happy. He knew because he'd asked, and she'd looked at him with those same eyes and said yes. She couldn't lie with those eyes, he found that out early on. Yes, she'd been happy all those years. But now she was restless.
  Neil didn't know if she could control it. The sea was a part of her. It was where she belonged, truly. If he could find her sealskin he would give it to her; her longing was enough to break his heart. Aye, he loved her, as any man ought to love his wife, but he found that was the very reason he was willing to let her go.
  Turning back into the house, Neil crossed the room to the hearth as she began to sing. The notes of the song drifted through the room like magic, and Neil made up his mind that tomorrow morning, and break of day, he would sail out in search of his wife's kin, and, he prayed, her sealskin. She'd been good to him all these years. Now it was time to return the favor.

Dia duit,

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