Friday, November 30, 2012

Life and Links

Well, as Siani pointed out to me earlier this morning, it's been around ten days -- that's over a week -- since my last post. I feel bad about that, especially considering I used to post almost every single day. You may have also noticed that I'm absolutely horrible with schedules. My music and legend posts have gone from regimented, to haphazard, to nil. Which I also feel bad about.

So, partial explanation. Aside from having a hard time sticking to schedules, there are also several big things going on over here. First is Walk Thru Bethlehem, which our church puts on every year in December. If you live in Florida around the location of Kings Avenue Church, definitely look into coming to this event. It's free, well done, and boatloads of fun. My family and I will be helping out every day there, which is going to keep me pretty busy.

The next part of the excuse is that shortly after WTB, the lot of us will be moving out of Florida. In light of all these things, I'm thinking blog activity will be somewhat limited. I'm going to make an effort to post some more music, the last few transcripted parts of FtGG, and a legend post or two, but I'd like to make it known that life's going to be a bit full so things won't be as regular.

For other news, I started reading False Prince. I haven't gotten very far yet. Still in the first chapter. However, I'm enjoying it so far. The author appears to be character oriented (like me!) which I enjoy. I've decided I need to read more, so I've charged Seph with the duty of nagging me into reading for at least half an hour a day.

I got a new costume! I ordered this dress from I've been trying to get pictures of it, but technology hates me at the moment. The camera has gone missing and just when we got the camcorder set up, it ran out of batter completely. Which is typical. I will have pictures to post up here (hopefully) soon, though. It's an awesome outfit that merits a blog post all its own.

Last thing: Archives of Xystia. Xystia is the setting for the trilogy I'm currently writing (which is also on hold due to the end-of-the-year's activities) and it's become so vast and complicated that in order for people to get a good grasp of it, a website is needed. Originally I had a website using, but it was dark and cumbersome. I very much like the blogger format, and I would love to write blog posts on whatever random Xystia thing comes into my mind, so I made Archives of Xystia. Now, it's still under construction, but there is enough content there for it to be worth checking out. There is also an Archives of Xystia Pinterest board, now, too. If you like my personal pinterest account, then be sure to check out the Xystia one.

So! That's been my life for the past more-than-a-week. How was yours?

Dia duit,


  1. I don't suppose it might be possible for me to read some of the Land Between Time? :) If not, that's totally okay, I just thought I'd ask, since it sounds more and more interesting every time I read about it.

  2. Oh my GOODNESS that dress is pretty. O.O

    Also, I wish I could come to your Walk through Bethlehem, but we'll have to find a, uh, more local one. ;)

    1. Thanks. ^.^

      We want to come back down to Florida for WTB at least a few times even when we're in IL. Maybe we can snag you to tag along with us once or twice.


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