Monday, November 5, 2012

NaNoWriMo -- Day 5


Okay, technically I'm meant to be wrimoing right this second, but I needed to vent a moment.

Mom and I decided I'm not going to write on Sundays, so I'm officially behind schedule. It's only day five and I'm starting to see myself looking like a writer-hermit by the end of the month in order to complete this thing. Bllleeeeeaaaahhhhh......

I wish I was one of those super organized, super focused people who could do NaNo like it was no big deal, but I'm finding that when I have a wordcount to fulfill, my mind suddenly decides to find a million other things to tease my attention. I can't rearrange the beginning, spend five minutes trying to decide whose POV to start the next section with, go back and edit in something that came to light as I was writing along, or fix any glaring plot holes I suddenly discover.

So far I positively despise the opening for this novel. Blech blech blech. I have no time to make the prose work well, and it bothers me.

My Inner Drill Seargant keeps yelling "wordcount!" in my ear, while I'm pretty sure my Inner Editor has curled up and died somewhere on my mental writing desk.

And it's only day five.

I feel like such a wimp.

Dia duit,


  1. I've been writing frantically all day. I only got about a sentence and a half written yesterday. I think I'm about half-way to what my wordcount should be. So, you are not alone! (Maybe don't go back and read what you've written unless you need to reference it?)

  2. Don't give up Penny! It is hard, but hard is good. keep on keepin' on!



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