Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaNoWriMo -- Day 1

November first has arrived! In spite of a few 'normal' life mishaps today, I did manage to meet and exceed my quota of words for NaNo. I'd give you the exact number, but I forgot it. Besides, I have a widget on my sidebar with my wordcount on it. Assuming it's working, that is.

I had kind of a rough beginning, but that's no surprise, as orginizing good beginnings is a little harder for me than fleshing out the rest of the book. Once I got going -- and wrote in Xystia rather than writing on Earth (working two dimensions in the book. Eesh.) -- reaching 1,675+ words was no problem. I'm curious to see how the rest of the month goes, now.

As I may have mentioned before, NaNo is going to be eating up most of my extranious writing time. That means I may not be writing as many sociable blog posts. But don't worry! I'm still going to attempt to get a couple more installments of FtGG out. Right now I'm waiting on Dana's edit of the latest segment I've transcribed, and then it's up to him to transcribe the second to last section of already-skyped material we have before I finish up the very last one. After that, we'll have to do a skype, transcribe, edit, post type process, which may take a little longer than when we didn't have to do the skype part. Our schedules are getting busier, but I think we'll be able to pull this story off before he heads off to college next Fall. Keep your fingers crossed!

And to all you fellow WriMoers out there---

Wait! I forgot to mention the new word I came up with!

Okay, so I was sitting in my room working on NaNo, and one of my siblings skyped me from one of the other computers in the house. Not good for concentration, especially for someone so easily distracted as myself. So I typed back, saying, "Not now, I'm wrimoing."

Isn't that a wonderfully awesome word? Wrimoing. Moing is just a fun sound to say in and of itself. Like boing, except better.

Now, as I was saying...

To all you fellow WriMoers out there, I wish you the very best of luck and encouragement. I'm alternating between thinking "this is insane" and "this is kinda cool", at the moment. At the very least, it's going to be interesting, and this is just the first day. Who know what'll come next?

Dia duit,

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  1. Definitely crazy, definitely cool. You're doing better than I am, though. I'm only at 700 words right now.
    (And I hate it when people leave for college. My two best friends did that in September, about three hours away in different directions, and I've only been able to see them once each since then.)


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