Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Music Post #3

You know, one of these times I'm going to forget which number I'm on. I'm terrible with numbers.

Anyway, today is a double feature because of my brilliant indecision. I've posted two inspiring, heroic songs, and figured it was time for a little variety. But then I found another really cool inspiring, heroic song! Instead of being patient and picking one over the other, I decided, what the world? Just post both of them.

The first one is called The Swashbuckler and Fair Maiden, by Future World Music. This one is daring, energetic, and cocky right from the start, with a little section in there that I would assume represents the maiden that is enchanting before the song's explosive climax.

Okay, so here's the one that I originally intended to post. Unlike the Swashbuckler and Fair Maiden, Battle for Honor by SelecTracks has a more serious feel to it. There is a determined beat, inspiring melody, with an undertone of tension that suggest our brave heroes may not make it out alive, but a choir overlay that seems to reveal a sliver of hope for survival if they hurry.

Today is also Percy's birthday. Happy birthday, brother!

Dia duit,

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