Thursday, May 10, 2012

Introducing Dana MacDonald

One of the Lords of our humble realm, Dana MacDonald. Normally one would bow and give proper salutations and blessings, but seeing as it would be rather odd of you to wave at the computer screen, we'll skip that. (By the way, yes, that's him in the picture.)

Dana and I share a measure of admiration and enthusiasm for celtic -- especially Scottish -- culture and style. So when he informed me that he'd recieved his kilt outfit in the mail, I immediately demanded pictures. I must say I'm very impressed, and quite pleased. Kudos to any guy who can, and does, wear a kilt unashamedly. You have excellent taste because, quite frankly, kilts are awesome.

This outfit is hopefully going to be used in an LARPG the PenKnights have planned called Lore. Dana plays the character Beowulf in it,. Doing a passable Scottish accent, and with the PVC claymore my brother is going to make him, the whole get up will be legend worthy. Definitely going to take pictures...

From what Dana's told me, the quality of the outfit is excellent. He ordered it from a website called YourDressMaker, and seems quite happy with the outcome. I've had tabs on this website for some time, as it has a tartan dress that I want to purchase from them someday, and overall it looks to be a fairly good source for medieval and rennaissance costuming. Their prices, compared to other medieval costuming sites and even Armstreet (where I purchased my green medieval dress), appear reasonable, as well.

It's late, so I shall turn in to bed now. Tomorrow I exact revenge on my brother for impaling me with my own sword...

Dia duit,

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