Monday, May 21, 2012

Hot Stuff

Gotta love Pinterest. I was searching around for something suitably epic and sword related to pin to either my Land Between Time board or my Lore board, and I stumbled upon this video of A Different Spin's Fire Swordfight.

Aside from being just plain cool to watch, I found it even more interesting when I could discern some of the fighting stances they used. I've been reading through a book called Sword in Two Hands: A Full Color Modern Training Guide Base on the Fior de Battaglia of Fiore dei Liberi. It's a fascinating book and while I don't pretend to be any sort of expert at all on the subject, it's nice to have a little understanding as opposed to none.

 I'm reminded of this book because in that choreographed fight I recognized some of the guards (stances) they used from having read about them. For instance, the rooftop guard, the full irongate, the plow guard, and one of my favorites, the ox guard, were all shown briefly in the above video. Pretty neat!

By the way..... doing your own slo-mo in a real fight? Yeah. Bad idea. Looks awesome for entertainment, though.

Fighting with flaming swords = epic. Just sayin'.

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