Friday, May 11, 2012

Penny's Dabbles -- The Guinevere Dress

I'm lazy when it comes to making costumes. Taking the time and thought to sit down and sew a complex, beautiful medieval gown with all the trimmings is never high on my to do list. I'm an author, I have novels to write. Lots of them!

So I am very happy when I find simple costume patterns. This is such a pattern. I found this pattern on Pinterest (<3), and it's called the Guinevere Dress. It's a slightly persnickety, requiring some custom tweaking here and there, but it's an awesomely fast project for when you need to whip out a medieval gown really fast. Here's the Pattern:

Design by CharterMagic on DeviantArt

So far I have made two of these dres-- wait, no, three. One I made for my sister and I to share, one I made for my best friend, Siani Delaney, and one I made for my five year old little sister. The red one in the picture above is the one I made for Siani, modelled by one of my little sisters. As you can see, I didn't cut the sleeves as is shown in the pattern, although for the one I made for my sister and I, I did. It works both ways.

The tricky part is making sure everything stays even. That's really the only key thing in this pattern. Keep everything lined up the right way as much as possible, and you're set! Fabric that hangs loose is best, and it's loads of fun to coordinate fabric color with waistband color. Did you know silver looks great with red, and gold goes well with blue? Usually people do it the other way around. Just a thought.

As I said before, this isn't the fanciest, most accurate costume, but it is definitely fast and looks pretty good afterwards, as well. Have fun and give me links to pictures if you decide to make a Guinevere Dress!

Dia duit,

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