Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It's eleven thirty at night, and my puppy, Gypsy, is at the vet overnight. My room is very lonesome. I keep looking over to her crate in the corner out of habit to see her, but she's not there. It's really sad....

I missed writing on my blog, so I figured I'd come on here and say something profound or at the very least interesting. So far in five sentences, I've failed to do either. Since tomorrow is Legend Post day, I can't write about folklore, and music is on Friday.

I was considering doing a post on weapons every Monday or Tuesday. I live a somewhat busy life -- eight younger siblings and a novel to write, doncha know -- so I don't want to pressure myself too much. A hairstyle tutorial, and a photo shoot of Percy's new medieval outfit I bought him for his birthday are in order, but neither of those solve my problem for what to write now.

Okay, I need to make this article actually worth something for those of you who read my blog. So I'll post this:

For the Greatest Good

Our order is under attack.

But this is not a fight for survival.

This is a fight for truth,

For freedom,

For hope.

These immortal values withstand time and test,

Proving one to be the most complex,

The most mysterious,

The most powerful among them all.

This is a fight for love.

This is the title and motto thingy I typed up for an skype role play that Dana and I have been doing recently. I'm pretty sure y'all are smart enough to know that the reference to love in the motto thingy is not in any way related to romance.

Just making sure.

The game has been fascinating, and I'm considering posting bits and pieces of it now and then on my blog, if Dana doesn't mind.

So yeah, this was a pretty lame blog post. But it's late, and I was feeling guilty about neglecting my blog, even though I am due to do a post both tomorrow and tomorrow's tomorrow.

It's late. That's my only excuse.

I'll shut up and go to bed now.

Dia duit,

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