Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Introducing Lynn MacDonald

Lynn in the dress she sewed.

Say hello to Lynn, beloved younger sister to Dana MacDonald. That is her in the picture, and that is also a dress she sewed. A far cry from my rather patchy attempts...

Lynn MacDonald is our seamstress. She just recently got a sewing machine, and has, from what Dana has told me, been sewing up a costume storm. I have numerous pictures of that purple dress, and of the various cloaks she's made, plus I'm told there are more outfits that haven't been photographed, even.

Lynn in the Red Riding Hood cloak
she sewed.

As you can see, she's quite talented. I think coupons and gift cards to fabric stores will make excellent birthday/Christmas presents, hm?
I spoke with Lynn and got the names of the patterns she used for the dress, and the cloaks.

For the dress she used Simplicity 4940 Misses Costume.
For the cloak she used Simplicity 9887 Unisex Costume Hooded Capes.

Lynn in the very first cloak she sewed.
Not too expensive, either. $9 bucks for the cape pattern, and $10 for the dress. Right now Lynn is working on numerous cloaks, and also a tunic that came with the cape pattern. I demanded pictures of the finished product, and expect to be satisfied promptly. Rather bossy, aren't I? Hm.

I'll have Lynn write out some sewing tips in a later post, for those who enjoy costuming.

Dia duit,

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