Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not The Most Heroic Entrance

Well, first post on my new blog, and it's certainly not the most heroic. I have sticks and leaves in my hair because, rather embarrasingly, I was downed by my opponent and stabbed by my own sword earlier today. A failed attempt on my end to wrest the weapon out of my enemy's hand that resulted in my being thwarted by a grappling move that landed me, as I've said, flat on my back on the forest floor.

Ah well. There's always next time.

At any rate, my name is Penny, or Lady Kearney, if you wish. I'm not particularly more interesting than any other person who blogs, in fact I'm really just odd more than anything else, but there may be some other odd people out there who share similar interests as I do.

It's difficult to say exactly what this blog is going to be about. As evidenced by the title, I love swords and dislike wearing shoes. My imagination is exspansive, and while most of it is occupied writing novels, it sometimes spills over into real life. That's the best way to explain it, really. This is the bucket that catches my spilt imagination.

For example, the sword in question that ran me through -- my sword -- is actually made out of PVC pipe and duct tape. I own a medieval dress I bought on sale at Armstreet, and I dabble out rather pathetically in makeshift costuming. All of these things find their way into my life, and often times, my friends and family and I will have all out invisible (or visible, depending on whether we've brought the armory) weapons battles, or short live action role playing games, which we call Imagination Games. All these things are what will be discussed on this blog. Tutorials for the awesome weapons we've discovered how to make, some easy (and some hard) costume patterns, discourses on some of the Imagination Games we've played and what we've found works rule wise, and more than likely some history, sword fighting techniques we learn (which are based off of European Martial Arts), and lots of pictures. More than likely some mention of things related to the novels I'm writing will seep in here, as well.

Like I said, odd. Hopefully some people will find it at the very least amusing. It sounds a little trite, when everything's all written out, but half the reason I enjoy playing out medieval games and battles is because of the valor and honor concepts that go with the genre of legend and myth. Heroes are heroes for a reason. That will most definitely seep in.

Dia duit,

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