Thursday, September 12, 2013

September Blog Challenge -- Day 11

Falling behind again. Heh.

Day 11 -- Something unusual.

Hm. That's real specific.

Seph suggested that in order to correctly answer this question, I first define what 'usual' is. Then we both looked at each other and shook our heads. "Normal is a setting on your dryer."

Basically nothing about me or my whole life has been what one could describe as normal. Which poses another question. If abnormality is the norm in my life, does that make it normal? So then that would make normal abnormal for me, and abnormal normal. Like a mirror universe.

Hm, I like this.

So let's see what I find unusual. Something that could be considered normal by other people's standards.

Not hugging brothers, or even siblings. This I find to be an extremely strange and unusual concept. I know several people who take this stance on family relationships, and I honestly have no idea how they survive. If I had to stop hugging my siblings I would DIE. Yes, in all caps. DEAD. I love my family so much I hug them all the time. My little siblings, my (dead handsome) little-brothers-who-are-now-both-taller-than-me, and my (gorgeous) little-sisters-who-are-also-taller.

I just don't understand. If you don't hug them, what else do you do?

Dia duit,

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