Monday, September 9, 2013

September Blog Challenge -- Day 8

And now for day 8, since yesterday was Sunday and I don't get online on Sundays.

Day 8 -- 5 things from your bucket list

Well, let's see. I haven't ever actually made a bucket list. Not a real one, anyway. I suppose I don't really know what sorts of things are meant to go on bucket lists, because most of what I would put on there would be obvious things, or else goals I plan to reach fairly soon. But let's see if I can get this right.

1. Go to Scotland for at least two weeks (if not more).
2. Get married.
3. Have kids. Lots of them.
4. Write the Outlander Trilogy and the Ambassador Chronicles.
5. Do a book tour.

I think that is the most I've ever written for a bucket list in my life. Has anyone else written one?

Dia duit,

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