Monday, September 23, 2013

September Blog Challenge -- Day 22

Catching up, catching up...

Day 22 -- One thing you've never done that everyone else has.

I'm assuming that 'everyone' is a generalization. Working off that assumption, I could name a few things that 'everyone' else has done that I have never done.

One would be that I have never actually set foot in a public or private school. Since I was homeschooled, that's more plausible, but even a lot of homeschoolers nowadays are taking classes outside the home at co-ops or from local public or private schools.

Never did that.

And there are about a bajillion fandoms that I'm not a part of that everyone I know participates in.

I've also never been to any sort of dance.

Yeah. Pretty short post. I can think of a lot of things that I have done that others haven't, but things that others have done that I haven't is pretty much all of modern society. We do everything different to the norm.

Dia duit,


  1. Not in the bazillion fandoms, as in, not at all interested, or not a fan-atic? More recently, I've considered that, even though I'm not as hard-core as most fans, maybe I'm more obsessed than is healthy. I caught myself doing the fan-girl squeal awhile back... it's sort of disturbing. And doesn't that Regency style dance that you posted a video about count as "a dance"? Or do you mean a formal event? Sorry, lots of questions...

  2. OH! Just got it. Roller coasters. I assume "everyone" (most of 'em anyway) have been on one. I haven't nor ever will!


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