Monday, September 9, 2013

September Blog Challenge -- Day 7

Well, you can see how long it took for me to fall behind schedule. I don't know if I'm actually physically capable of staying 100% on time for more than three or four days in a row. Hm...

Day 7 -- How many siblings do you have? What number are you?

Goodness gracious, it's an actual question. With question marks. Well!

I have eight younger siblings, and I am the eldest. Pretty easy question to answer. The funny bit is people's reactions to my answer. It's hard not to notice that there seem to be a lot of us because we often go places in droves, as it were. The five bigger kids do most activities outside the house together, and that's pretty obvious when we all troop into a given location. We all look the same and chat with each other. Keeping a low profile is difficult even when we are being purposefully low key. Inevitably, the question of us all being related comes up, and then from that springs the "yes, and there are four more of us at home, too." I love it, personally. Having a large family is the best.

Dia duit,

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