Thursday, September 19, 2013

September Blog Challenge -- Day 19

I'm on tiiiime. Hooray.

Day 19 -- What's in your bag?

I'm at the library right now. The internet in our house totally crashed (again), so I hitched a ride with my bro to be able to check emails and such on the library computer. This doesn't bug me much, but it does make emptying my entire handbag onto the desk a little awkward. So I won't do that, but I will rummage through it and take a gander at what all I have in there.

My purse is a small black affair that's somewhat flimsy, discolored, and quite what one would expect from a four year old Target clearance item. I like small bags. The temptation with larger bags is to stash everything and the kitchen sink into it so that it drags my shoulder out of its socket whenever I'm forced to carry it around. Smaller bag, less space. Less space, less stuff. This obviously doesn't prevent me from needing to clean it out every once in a while and getting sick of lugging the thing around, anyway, but it helps.

So, contents.

~Check for my Aunt
~Loose coins
~Address for my other Aunt
  -Military ID
  -Debit card
  -Library card
  -Healthcare card....thing
  -A business card for Janet McGregor at Cantebury Books
  -Leftover meal card from the OYAN SW
  -Business card for Jennifer Janisch at Adored Salon (where I got my latest haircut)
  -Victoria's Secret rewards card
  -Cross in my Pocket card/poem
  -Smileage card for Menchie's (frozen yogurt place in Florida)
  -Business card for The Penny, a neat movie
  -Walk Thru Bethlehem business card
  -Business card for Faith and Patience Pennigton's Little Women, a "funky vintage found object jewelry" etsy shop
  -Hancock Fabrics Preferred Customer Card
  -Driver's license
  -Clubhouse minature golf and ice cream parlor $2 off card (must use)
  -Business card for rating and reviewing Parajon Orthodontics
  -Friendship card
  -Live Curly Live Free busniess card
  -Smoothie Cafe rewards card (best smoothie place on the planet, in Florida. Sniff.)
  -Maurices Take 10 card
  -Medieval Times coupons (only valid at Florida Castle)
~Spence, my external harddrive
~Pink earbuds
~Gum (Rain 5)
~Jeet Kune Do patches
~Leftover reciept from somewhere
~Gum wrappers
~Compact mirror
~Four AA batteries
~Pure Ice "Rumors" nail polish (Mom's color)
~My inhaler
~Glasses cleaning cloth
~Lime green cigarette lighter (no, I don't smoke)
~Softlips chapstick (watermelon)
~The magic rock Dana gave me when he got sick of me absently pulling apart paper napkins at the OYAN SW
~Ticket stub for Star Trek: Into Darkness

And that's it. It's a very long list, but as you can see, most everything on that list is rather small. So it manages to fit without being too heavy. Still, there are a few things that somehow ended up in there that really need to go. Like the nail polish. No idea why that's in there.

So how's your bag?

Dia duit,


  1. Oh boy... XD This is when I wish my purse wasn't so big. Not that I use it very much... but whatever. XD

    good sized pocket knife (actually that might be in my backpack..)
    make up
    note pad
    Gospel tracts
    pop tabs
    water bottles
    hair clip
    elastic cord
    hand sanitizer
    body spray

    I think that's about it... and a bunch of trash XD

  2. Magic rock to keep your hands busy? And I have Softlips chapstick too! It's great!

  3. Everyone wants to see a picture of the magic rock.

  4. Mhm let's see...

    Wallet with various things in it,
    pocket Bible,
    small hand-sanitizer,
    small notepad,
    cough drops,
    & retainer case,

  5. wallet with various stuff in it,
    small hand-sanitizer,
    cough drops,
    pocket Bible,
    & small notepad. :)


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