Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September Blog Challenge -- Day 25

Forget the fact that I'm technically two days behind right now.

Day 25 -- What made your day special?

This one is easy to answer.

Today I didn't feel well. I've been forgetting to take my vitamins, and that always leaves me foggy and tired for a few days. Today was one such day. So today wasn't anything special. If anything, it was a little depressing. I couldn't write anything, which never does good things to my mood.

But then Katie arrives. My wonderful cousin. Truly, there ought to be more people on Earth like her. Every time I think I'm going to be in a sour mood when the cousins come over, somehow she always manages to bring a smile to my face. She's kind hearted and encouraging, and every time I think of her I think of sunshine.

She made my day special today.

Dia duit,

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  1. I'm not sure. That would have been yesterday... so.... ah. Getting to be in charge (just a bit) of the little kids for the Gospel Project. *grins*


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