Monday, September 16, 2013

September Blog Challenge -- Day 15

Catching up, catching up....

Day 15 -- Something that excites you and fills you with joy.

Generally speaking, I love doing things with my family. Fun conversations and activities with them make me very happy. I also love travelling, seeing new places, visiting old friends, listening to Celtic music...

Recently, hm.... Well, I had a good time up in Watertown, WI, at an Irish concert put on by the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team. All save one of the Irish instrumentals they played, I recognized. Which pleased me.

There's magic in Celtic music, I'm telling you...

Dia duit,


  1. Um.. it depends on my mood but right now... I think I get excited over playing violin. :P

  2. Depends really. But the possibility of a mission trip, witnessing to people... :D

  3. Meeting other Christians who are at the same place in life as I am and come from similar backgrounds.


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