Friday, September 6, 2013

September Blog Challenge -- Day 6

Oh, yay, I like this one!

Day 6 -- 3 countries you've visited.

One thing that I'm always tempted to tell people when they ask me where I'm from is "I'm from Earth, where are you from?" Not only because it's amusingly witty and the reactions would be priceless, but also because it's true! My Dad was in the military years before I was born, and stayed in for his career. Therefore I have never lived in one location for more than two years at a time. On top of that, the job he had in the military was one that required us to be stationed all over the world instead of just hopping around the US as some have. So really, my answer to Day 6's question is, "Only three??"

But for once I shall obey the rules.

1.Germany. I put this first because it is the country I was born in. Thankfully, we got to live there sixteen years later, as well, so I remember just how amazingly beautiful this country is. The postcard perfect countryside, the heavenly bread, and the stalwart, fascinating castles. I would definitely go back again someday.

2. Korea. This one I choose because it was probably the most unique, different place we've ever lived. Though generally part of what people consider Asian Culture, Korea is as different from Japan and China -- the more well known Asian countries -- as could be without being Western. This country, too, I also fell in love with, quite unexpectedly. It's as beautiful as Germany in its own, magical way. The Land of the Morning Calm, home to a one of the most fascinating and kindhearted cultures, a melodious language, wonderful food, and breathtaking views of mountains that touch the sky and cherry blossoms that touch the heart.

3. America. I suppose this doesn't quite count as 'visting', but neither do the other two, since we lived there each for two years. So I guess I'm not obeying the rules afterall (surprise surprise). But to the point: America. I find that no matter where I have lived, no matter what other countries have captured my heart, I can still say I am proud to be an American without any iota of hesitation or reserve. America is my home. It will always be this way. I will roam from one corner of the world to the other, live in foreign countries and fall in love with countries and people whose language I can't even speak, but at the end of the day, my loyalties lie where the sun sets, over my own proud United States of America.

So where have you been?

Dia duit,

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