Thursday, September 12, 2013

September Blog Post -- Day 12

Caught up!

Day 12 -- Someone you miss.

Good gracious, just one person? Do I have to do just one?

Well, I'll do something original and say that I miss someone I have never even met in real life. Her name is Katana Kain, she's a writer, and an OYANer. She and I talk off and on using Skype. One of those friends I clicked with immediately and have gotten along with ever since. She's one of what I would classify as my support friends. Someone I can talk to about the deeper things in life; I value her insight highly, and appreciate knowing someone close to my age that can relate to the ups and downs of that period of growing up. I also enjoy our differences, too; exchanging viewpoints that are both similar, and contrary.

We've never met, but we hope to someday, because we both love hugs. And tea. You would be surprised how many people I run into who doesn't like tea.

There are many others that I miss -- my bestie, my cousin, Dana -- but the way I miss Kat is a strange way because we've never met. So I thought I'd write about that.

Dia duit,

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